ToT is Over

Training for trainers in peace education is over in Kobuleti. Nine days training is finished and participants are back in their sweet homes.
Before leaving, at the last sessions participants and trainers had beautiful evaluation meditation session on the beach of Black Sea, where they reflected on the seminar from different perspectives.

Next morning participants left Kobuleti hoping to meet each other again and spread and teach PEACE!

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Live and Build Peace

Sixth group have offered a session about living and building Peace. It has been quite impressive and creative session for participants. Here different tools and approaches have been discussed, and talked about how is it possible to implement them in the life back.

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Looking for Conflict Transformation

Participants have worked on definitions of what is conflict transformation. Afterword they have had practical part and discussed how the process of conflict transformation goes and what are the possibilities.

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Triangles and not Only

Today’s day has been opened with the session about the models and tools in conflict dynamic. Facilitators presented satisfaction and ABC triangle, and escalation model as well. Later participant could work in a small groups and discuss the real stories according to those models.

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NonViolent Communication

Last session conducted by participants has been about nonviolent communication. The theoretical background from Marshall Rosenberg.

During the session participants have watched a video about communication topic and discussed afterword.

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Power and Power Relations

The session about power and power relations is ongoing. Participants are reflecting on structure of power and mechanism how it works in our society.

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Environmental and Inner Peace

Second session has been done about the topic of Environmental and Inner Peace. Group has experiences quite emotional and impressive exercises, where participants have thought and talked about indterconnectedness that exist between the living systems on our mother earth.

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